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XXO Tinsley for Winky Lux Lashes

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A 3-piece lash collection by Tinsley Mortimer.

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Babydoll Everything Graduate

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What It Is

Winky Lux and Tinsley Mortimer of Real Housewives of New York collaborated on XXO Tinsley, a lash collection designed by our favorite New York socialite.

Why It's Special
  • 3-piece lash collection
  • Versatile looks from delicate to bold
  • Easy-to-apply and long-lasting
How To Use It

1. Measure the lash strip against your upper lash line and trim off any excess.
2. Apply your favorite lash glue to the strip and let dry for 30 seconds to get tacky.
3. Carefully apply strip on top of lash line.
4. Use Winky Lux Liquid Eyeliner to camouflage strip and blend with natural lash line.

Shade Information

Babydoll: For the lash lover Get a delicate soft look with Babydoll for a fuller, natural lash. So good, they’ll never know they’re falsies. Everything: For the lash enthusiast Tinsley’s go-to lash for every day, Everything features a soft to the touch finish that amps up the glam from morning to night. Graduate: For the lash addict Not your average lash. The Graduate was designed for daring glamazons ready for MORE LASH with a soft fluttering finish.


Synthetic fiber

Pairs Well With

babydoll -- fake eyelashes on white background

XXO Tinsley for Winky Lux Lashes



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