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Ryley Fritz

Hi, I’m Ryley! I’m 23 yrs old and I was born with a disability called Spina Bifida myelomeningocele. I have the most severe form which for me means I have no feeling from the waist down and can’t walk. I have had over 12 surgeries since birth. I face daily challenges with my disability that I learn to adapt to everyday. Ever since I can remember I was always fascinated by makeup and fashion specifically in old movies like singing in the rain. One year for Christmas my mom got me Winky Lux and  I instantly fell in love. I was able to use all the products on my own. That led me to where I am today doing what I love, which is makeup and helping others with disabilities learn about how powerful makeup can be and that it can take the focus off your disability and start a conversation about the makeup you are wearing.

"My goal to bring disability awareness and acceptance to the makeup industry so that brands will be more open and inclusive to work with people with disabilities! Winky Lux brings me joy because the products are easy to and I can do it independently! Also the packaging makes it feel like you are using a luxurious product at an affordable price!" — Ryley

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